Miami Beach If you ask people from around the world to name a beach in Florida, Miami Beach is almost always on the tips of their tongues. It’s popularity and a sexy name has earned it a place as a celebrity beach and keeps going strong as a star beach. In one way or another, you’ve probably heard about Miami Beach. Listening to the many stories that have leaked out of Miami over the years is one thing, but the question that begs to be answered is - have you seen it? Topping almost every beach list and along the coast of Florida in the resort city of Miami located in Dade County. Founded as an official city in 1915 and located on a combination of both man-made and barrier islands. Miami sits in between Biscayne Bay and the blue ocean waters of the Atlantic. Miami Beach is an island city that connects to the mainland of Miami via various bridges. From a variety of options for a stay to some of Florida’s finest culinary treats, Miami has it all. A popular and booming nightlife can keep you active into the late hours of the evening while a relaxing break at the spa can bring you back to life in the morning. Visitors can explore more than 7 miles of Miami Beaches from North Shore to South Beach. Along the way, travelers can visit Open Space Park, Lummus Park, and South Pointe Park or take a city scenic drive through the celebrity rich South Beach and down Ocean Drive and experience pastel-colored buildings from as early as the 1920’s. In addition to its consistent rays of sunshine, beautiful surf and wide sandy beaches, the island city of Miami Beach offer a unique and culturally rich history combined with a lively nightlife, a place to be seen and entertainment for all ages, groups, and backgrounds. Miami is one place you really must experience yourself to get a full grasp of its offerings. What to do in Miami Beach There are more than seven miles of Miami Beaches, and more than a dozen parks to visit with various outdoor activities and locations including 3 golf courses. Miami Beach has enough in its approximately seven square miles of space to keep you busy on and off the beach. The South is much larger in activity and action than the North. However, the North and South are beginning to mirror each other with similar offerings. Though the Ocean Terrace of North Beach is the smaller copy, it too invites visitors to enjoy its seaview cafes and resort hotels that provide you with the feeling of being close to the ocean. South Beach seems to consume or encompass what Miami Beach is all about, but North Beach does have its own neighborhood too. This is a good thing as it offers visitors a choice between the more upbeat, daring and fast moving South Beach and the slower calmer paced member of the Miami Beach family known as North Beach. Many people that visit Miami Beach are happy enough with a simple stroll along the beach. Head over to Haulover Park and you can choose to participate in a number of outdoor activities like, Tennis, Golf, Fishing, Bike Riding or making your own activity via a family picnic or frisbee with friends. You could take in the unique architectural sights by touring through Miami’s South Beach for your take on the largest collection of Art Deco architecture in the world. From the 1920’s and 1940’s, there were close to a thousand buildings built in this signature style of architecture and are now part of the protected Art Deco District and even listed the National Register of Historic Places. If your Miami Beach holiday happens in December between the 6th and the 9th of 2018, you can participate in the Miami Art Basel, the biggest contemporary art show in America. The fair brings close to 300 leading galleries from around the world to expose the works of more than 4,000 artists. While this is happening, other art events are also organized to complement the period and provide an all-encompassing art extravaganza. Static art isn’t your only option either. Miami boasts ample performance art venues throughout the city. There are movies in the park, film festivals, comedy shows, dance theaters and the New World Symphony offers an entire season of classical music concerts beginning in October and lasting until May. The Jackie Gleason Theater offers a variety of different types of music and concerts along with other types of shows throughout the year. Where to stay in Miami Beach The largest hub for tourists is still South Beach and rightly so. It offers a world-class nightlife and all day beachwear friendly vibe for shop patrons. It's not unusual for people to walk in with sandals and trunks to get a drink at a sidewalk cafe. Choose a boutique hotel or take on the coastline with force and close up your nights in one of its many world-class resorts. Most that visit Miami will head to SoBe or South Beach as it has to fame and popularity that attracts the in-crowd. But from SoBe to the calmer North Beach, you still have choices to make your stay unforgettable. History of Miami Beach Miami hit the scene in the 1920’s and has maintained its attraction and its growing popularity ever since. Miami and its popular South Beach neighborhood take up almost 3 miles of the lower portion of Miami Beach. This includes Miami’s downtown and its port. Altogether they form South Florida’s commercial center and close to 100,000 people call it home. Since the 1920’s Miami Beach has been attracting tourists to its island and the community has been providing a friendly welcome. Since then, the beach city has grown to offer even more. Miami Beach is not limited to laid-back beach days basking in the sun. It also has a thriving economy and improved amusement on popular city streets like Collins Avenue, Washington Avenue, Lincoln Drive and the more famous Ocean Drive. If we traveled back about 10,000 years ago we would find Tequesta Indians enjoying the fruits of South Florida’s Miami Beach. Later, in the 16th century, the Spanish took claim and in 1821 the flag of the United States took its place to reign over Florida. The biggest event that leads to the formation of Miami was started with Julia Tuttle in 1891 when she convinced an Oil Tycoon to invest in a connecting railroad into Miami. With the completion of the railroad, a new luxury hotel and a base for a town, Miami was officially founded in 1896. The actions and effort related to these events earned Tuttle the title of “mother of Miami.” From that point forward, Miami attracted people of all types. The birth of Miami Beach began in 1913 when New Jersey Quaker John Collins and Prest-O-Lite king Carl Fisher combined forces to make a bridge that reached across the bay. Today, Miami Beach is the source for style where diverse people set new trends in the arts and entertainment arena making it a mecca for excitement. It’s not just celebrities that come to Miami Beach to shop and explore its culture, people from around the world and local residents also enjoy its wonder and you can too.